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Make more money and be more productive with MTurk's Ultimate Mechanical Hit Catcher

BZTurk, mechanical mturk Hit Catcher, is a powerful tool meticulously designed to enhance the earnings and productivity of Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) workers. Utilizing advanced Machine Learning algorithms, BZTurk revolutionizes the task acceptance process, ushering in unprecedented efficiency for MTurk tasks.

This innovative extension facilitates the seamless handling of task selection and acceptance, allowing workers to dedicate more time to completing Human Intelligence Tasks (H.I.T.s). What makes BZTurk stand out is its adaptability to individual preferences, considering factors such as preferred keywords, previously liked tasks, favored requesters, and even requester wage rates.

By integrating these preferences into its automation, BZTurk optimizes the entire workflow, from task discovery to acceptance. The outcome is a substantial increase in earnings and efficiency for MTurk workers. Essentially, BZTurk serves as a reliable ally, empowering workers to maximize income while minimizing the time and effort needed to achieve their goals on the platform.

Why BZTurk

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    BZTurk Browser Extension

    BZTurk offers a browser extension that is exceptionally user-friendly and smoothly integrates into your MTurk worker dashboard.

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    Auto HITs Catcher

    Day by day, finding work on MTurk can be challenging, but BZTurk's Auto HITs catcher feature makes it easier to seize tasks without any misses. This feature consistently scans MTurk to keep you updated on the latest opportunities.

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    Customize Task Filter

    BZTurk allows you to effortlessly gather tasks from your preferred clients and categories. You can establish personalized rules to filter tasks according to your specific preferences, streamlining your workflow and conserving valuable time and energy.

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    Increase Your MTurk Earnings

    By automating the collection of tasks and implementing your personalized criteria, you have the potential to increase your earnings on MTurk substantially. BZTurk empowers you to work more intelligently to catch tasks, saving your time and effort in the process.

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    With our subscription, you gain exclusive access to Auto HIT's catcher, which unlocks preferred rewards for you. The flexibility to cancel, add more licenses, make easy payments, and download invoices—all accessible through our user-friendly customer portal. This empowers you to concentrate on tasks that align with your financial goals, with the added benefits of 24/7 customer support and effortless account management.

Key Features

HIT’s Finder

HIT’s Finder

With the HIT Finder tool, you can automate HIT retrieval on Amazon Mechanical Turk using your filter preferences, ensuring relevant HITs are assigned based on your criteria and the number of hits you need to capture.

HIT’s Catcher

HIT’s Catcher

In HIT’s Catcher, Manually add catchers in HIT's Catcher, with 'O' for one HIT's catch and 'M' for multiple HIT's catches placed in the MTurk HITs queue. Catcher enables you to start, stop, and remove tasks at your convenience.

Auto HIT’s  Catcher

Auto HIT’s Catcher

Auto HITs catcher stands out for MTurk enthusiasts, continuously monitoring and capturing profitable tasks to stay ahead of the competition and secure the best opportunities.



The Search/Filter feature offers numerous customizable preferences, including pop-up notifications, requester blocking, favorite keywords, requester selection, and specifying the number of collected HITs. It also considers reward-based criteria for HIT capture.

Favorite Requester

Favorite Requester

Favorite requester on BZTurk refers to the requester whose tasks you prefer working on the most. It's the requester you find to be the most reliable, interesting, or profitable based on your experience and preferences while using the platform.

Block Requester

Block Requester

The BZTurk platform provides you with the capability to block requesters who exhibit a pattern of late payments, insufficient work validation, low rewards, or inadequate compensation, informed by your prior experience while using this platform.

Swap License

Swap License

The possibility of switching a license to another active worker ID only until a swap count is available with the other active worker ID which can swap the license.



Monitoring the progress of your MTurk workflow on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, in addition to the payment process, will enable you to get a better understanding of your MTurk workflow as well as see a historical view of how it is developing.



The feature of BZTurk is that it provides pop-up notifications and sound alerts to keep subscribers informed about their preferred tasks, which improves task management and boosts productivity.

Key Benefits

Manage License

Our customer portal offers a hassle-free means to track the status of your license and make any required changes, such as purchasing, deleting, or swapping licenses.

Manage Subscriptions

BZTurk offers a customer-friendly portal, allowing subscribers to customize their subscriptions based on their preferences. Whether customers wish to renew, or cancel, our portal provides a seamless way to manage your account.

Filter Preferences

This involves setting your preferred search and filter configurations within the customer portal to apply them globally to all purchased licenses, simplifying the process of working on tasks collected from Amazon MTurk.

Payment Method

Our payment method is highly secure and hassle-free, allowing our customers to purchase multiple licenses in a single transaction. We offer two convenient payment options, Stripe and Razorpay, to ensure a smooth payment process.


Accessing your subscription invoices is easy within the customer portal. You can conveniently download invoices as PDFs whenever you need them, helping you maintain organized financial records and streamline your accounting processes.


Customers can generate personalized reports, including timelines, licenses, task types, payments, and purchases. Access them in XLS and PDF formats via an intuitive interface featuring KPIs, charts, graphs, and list views.


The notification features display crucial alert pop-ups for events such as unpaid Invoice bills, paid Invoice bills, deleted Licenses, subscription suspension, subscription cancellation, new messages from the site administrator, and other significant alerts. Users receive notifications through both the customer portal and email.

Customer support

BZTurk customer portal allows subscribers to contact our customer service team if they have questions regarding subscriptions or extensions through the BZTurk customer portal.