How to Make $50 a Day on Amazon MTurk
How to Make $50 a Day on Amazon MTurk

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29 Feb 2024 | Amazon Mturk

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk multiple times before, and it's time to delve into its workings, aiming to assist you in earning over $50 per day. This guide aims to equip you with strategies to maximize your earnings on the platform. Amazon’s Mechanical Turk is a platform where you select small tasks, many taking mere seconds to complete. Tasks range from locating numbers in images to transcribing, researching phone numbers, or completing surveys. You enjoy flexibility, working whenever and wherever you want, with thousands of available jobs daily.

To optimize your hourly/daily rate, strategic job selection is crucial. Accepting every job isn't advisable. Here, I present simple tips to boost your earnings effectively.

If you're new, sign up for a free account (approval typically takes 48 hours). If you're already active, implement these tips to enhance your earnings further.

Here, I'll discuss various methods I've used to earn $50 daily on MTurk.

Bookmark Forums/Websites for High-Paying HITs:

Tasks, referred to as HITs, constantly change on the Amazon Mechanical Turk job board, making it challenging to identify the best-paying jobs. Therefore, bookmark the following websites:

Browse these forums to identify lucrative HITs quickly. Members post top HITs, including payment rates and requester reputation. Act promptly as good opportunities fill up fast.

Turkerview :  is a website or platform that is commonly associated with Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk), a crowdsourcing marketplace operated by Amazon. Turkerview provides tools and resources for individuals who work on MTurk to review requesters and tasks, share experiences, and gather information about the platform's various aspects. It helps MTurk workers make informed decisions about which tasks to complete and which requesters to engage with based on reviews and ratings from other users. Additionally, Turkerview may offer features such as forums or discussion boards where MTurk workers can exchange tips, advice, and insights regarding their experiences with the platform.

Avoid Low-Paying HITs:

While some HITs offer numerous tasks, consider the hourly rate. Calculate how much you'd earn per hour based on the task completion time. Ideally, aim for tasks yielding $10+ per hour. Skip tasks offering lower rates.

For instance, if a task pays $0.08 per task, but it takes over a minute to complete, your hourly rate would be inadequate. Filter HITs paying more than $0.35 to ensure an average of $8+ per hour.

Qualify for Higher-Paying HITs:

Many high-paying HITs require qualification. Typically, this involves taking a sample test to demonstrate your ability to follow instructions and produce acceptable work. Qualifying can grant access to thousands of lucrative HITs. Qualifications may also require specific HIT and acceptance rate thresholds. Focus on increasing your HIT count and maintaining a high acceptance rate to access better-paying opportunities.

By following these strategies, you can significantly enhance your earnings on Amazon Mechanical Turk. Remember to stay vigilant, adapt to changes, and continuously seek out the most profitable tasks available. With dedication and strategic job selection, exceeding $50 per day on MTurk is achievable.

Setting Up Your Profile (Most Important)

When you begin on MTurk, your performance in completing HITs is crucial. This includes how many tasks you finish and your acceptance rate. These numbers matter a lot because they determine the jobs you can access in the future. Initially, you might find that the simpler tasks pay less. However, completing them helps boost your stats, somewhat like climbing the ladder in a job.

Once you've completed around 500 to 1,000 HITs and maintain an acceptance rate above 95%, you'll qualify for more tasks. Reaching 5,000 HITs, known as the master qualification, opens up even more opportunities, provided your acceptance rate remains high. Aim for that 5,000 milestone, though it may take time. Focusing on improving these metrics will eventually unlock higher-paying gigs that newcomers might miss out on.

Be Aware  of Scams

Unfortunately, scams are common, so it's crucial to recognize them before starting work. On MTurk, requesters can approve or reject your work for any reason. To assess a requester's reliability, simply highlight their name for a pop-up box. Aim to work with highly rated requesters with acceptance rates above 98%. Lower ratings increase the risk of wasting time.

Use Browser Extensions 

Similar to forums, Chrome browser extensions can enhance your MTurk experience. Consider downloading tools like the BZTurk Chrome extension, Auto Hit Catcher, and Keep in mind that these tools may change over time, so a quick search can help you find them. A useful script calculates your hourly earnings from HITs, helping you determine if tasks are worthwhile.

Make the Most of Surveys

Surveys are a lucrative option on MTurk, offering potential earnings of up to $5 per survey.To find surveys, use the search function and look for "surveys." Pay attention to reviews and complete surveys to earn rewards. Combining surveys with other HITs can help you reach your $50 goal.

Utilize the Search Function for Good Jobs

Identify tasks you excel at, like writing short descriptions, and use the search function with relevant keywords to find similar projects. Bookmark requesters whose tasks you enjoy for easier access in the future. Refresh the page frequently, as good tasks are quickly taken.

Bookmark Reliable Requesters

Occasionally, you'll encounter requesters who consistently offer worthwhile tasks. Bookmark their names to easily find their jobs later. While forums can help, some users keep good requesters to themselves. Explore the platform to discover reliable requesters.

Time Your Search Well

Most well-paying HITs are available during weekday business hours when requesters are active. If possible, log in throughout the day and refresh the page to find new tasks. While tasks may appear at other times, they're usually fewer compared to peak hours.


Although there are many jobs available on MTurk, not all of them are worthwhile. In fact, about 95% of them may not be worth your time. To find the well-paying HITs, you'll need patience as they appear occasionally. When they do, you must act quickly to grab them. By following these tips, especially the one about forums mentioned earlier, you can improve your chances of Making $50 a Day on Amazon MTurk. Remember, it takes time to learn and improve, so don't expect to make $50 a day right away. With time and these tips, you can easily reach the goal of making $50 or more per day, and some days may even be much better than others.

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