FAQs, or "Frequently Asked Questions," are lists of common questions and answers about our extension, subscriptions, payments and customer accounts. They're designed to make it easy for users to find information without needing to contact customer support or sift through lots of documents. FAQs are organized in a question-and-answer format for simplicity.

What is BZTurk?

BZTurk is a powerful extension designed to enhance the earnings and productivity of Amazon Mechanical Turk workers.

Is BZTurk easy to install and set up?

Yes, BZTurk is designed to be user-friendly and easy to install. It comes with clear instructions and a simple setup process.

To restart the BZTurk MTurk extension, follow these steps:

1. Open your browser and go to chrome extensions.
2. In the search box, type "BZTurk" to locate the extension.
3. Find the information card for the BZTurk extension and click on it.
4. In the bottom right corner of the information card, you will find a toggle button.
5. Disable the extension by clicking on the toggle button.
6. Once disabled, enable the extension again by clicking on the same toggle button.
7. This action should restart the BZTurk extension and restore its functionality.

Here are the simple steps to locate your MTurk worker ID:

1. Begin by logging into Amazon MTurk.
2. Once logged in, direct your attention to the top left corner of the interface.
3. In this section, you will discover your MTurk worker ID.

How does BZTurk enhance earnings?

BZTurk automates the task acceptance process using advanced Machine Learning algorithms, allowing workers to efficiently spend more time completing tasks and maximizing their earnings.

What factors does BZTurk consider in task acceptance?

BZTurk takes into account worker preferences, including previously liked tasks, favorite keywords, preferred requesters, and requester wage rates, among other factors.

How does BZTurk streamline the workflow?

By automating the task acceptance process, BZTurk eliminates the need for manual task selection, saving workers time and effort. This streamlines the workflow and increases overall efficiency.

Can I customize BZTurk to match my preferences?

Yes, BZTurk allows workers to customize their preferences, such as favorite keywords and preferred requesters, to ensure they receive tasks that align with their interests and expertise.

Is BZTurk compatible with all Mechanical Turk tasks?

BZTurk is designed to work with a wide range of tasks, including H.I.T.s (Human Intelligence Tasks), making it versatile for various types of work on Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Does BZTurk guarantee higher earnings?

While BZTurk can maximize earnings by streamlining the workflow, actual earnings will still depend on the number and quality of tasks available on Mechanical Turk.

Can I use BZTurk on multiple devices?

Yes, BZTurk is compatible with multiple devices, allowing workers to use it on their preferred devices, such as computers, laptops, or smartphones.

Can BZTurk work with other Mechanical Turk extensions?

BZTurk is a standalone extension and does not require any additional extensions to function. It may be compatible with other extensions, depending on their specific functionalities.

Is BZTurk available in multiple languages?

Currently, BZTurk is available in English. Future updates may include support for additional languages.

Can BZTurk be used by workers from any country?

Yes, BZTurk can be used by workers from any country, as long as they have access to Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Is BZTurk safe to use?

Yes, BZTurk is safe to use. It is designed to enhance the productivity and earnings of workers without compromising their privacy or security.

Are my payment details secure on BZTurk?

At BZTurk, we prioritize the security of your payment details. Utilizing robust encryption and adhering to industry best practices, we ensure a secure payment process managed through a trusted payment gateway.

How can I make a payment on the BZTurk platform?

1. Log in to your customer portal on the BZTurk platform.
2. Navigate to the subscription section.
3. Click on the subscription ID related to the payment you want to make.
4. Look for the "Pay Now" button and click on it.
5. You will be redirected to Stripe, where the platform will guide you through the payment process.

Although payment has been processed, licenses have not yet been issued. Next, what should I do?

1. Check Payment Confirmation: Verify that you have received confirmation of your payment. This ensures that the payment was successfully processed.       
2. Review Email Inbox: Look into the email address you provided during the payment. Check both your inbox and spam folder for any communication regarding your licenses.
3. Contact Customer Support: If you still haven't received your licenses, reach out to our customer support team immediately. They can assist and ensure a prompt resolution.

How long does it take to receive a refund after requesting one?

Refunds typically take 5-7 business days to process, depending on your payment method and bank. Rest assured, we strive to process refunds as quickly as possible.

How can I download my invoices for BZTurk services?

1. Open your customer portal.
2. Navigate to the "Invoice" section.
3. You can find all the invoices that are available.
4. Select the specific invoice you wish to download.
5. Save the selected invoice as a PDF to keep it for your records.

To unsubscribe your BZTurk subscription, follow these steps:

1. Go to the customer portal by clicking on this link: https://www.bzturk.com/business/.
2. Navigate to the subscriptions menu.
3. View the subscription by clicking on the subscription ID on the list page.
4. On the view page, you will find a button called ‘Unsubscribe subscription’. Click on it.
5. You should receive a prompt dialog box. Acknowledge the cancel button.
6. Your subscription will be unsubscribed automatically after the subscription period ends.

How can I undo the cancellation of my subscription on the BZTurk portal?

1. Log in to your customer portal.
2. Navigate to the subscription section.
3. View your subscription ID.
4. Click on the "Cancel Unsubscription" option.
Note: Your subscription should be reactivated before the end of the subscription period.

Is it possible to upgrade my monthly plan to a yearly plan?

1. Log in to your customer portal.
2. Navigate to the subscription section.
3. view your subscription ID.
4. Check the upcoming or pending invoice details.
5. Click the 'Change Plan' button. Here, you can change the plan type from monthly to yearly or from yearly to monthly based on your needs. 

Are there any renewal notifications that will be sent?

A renewal notification will be sent 7–10 days before the end of the month for monthly plans and 15–20 days before the end of the year for yearly plans.

Will I receive notifications upon unsubscribing?

You will be notified three days before the end of your subscription plan. This notification serves as a reminder, allowing you to reactivate your subscription plan during this period if you wish to continue using our services.